Cadetship Program

PNPA: World-class center of excellence in public safety and social defense education and training.

The PNPA Cadetship Program provides the preparatory education and training for future commissioned officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The Cadetship Program is a four-year residential scholarship program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS).  In this program, every cadet shall undergo the preparatory education and training, molded with high sense of discipline, character, and leadership potentials to become competent, effective and efficient public safety officers. Graduates of the program are appointed in permanent status as Police Lieutenant, Fire, and Jail Inspectors.

Corps of Cadets

The students in the Cadetship Program shall be known as Cadets. They shall be organized as the Cadet Corps, Philippine National Police Academy (CCPNPA).

Authorized Total Number of Cadets

The total number of Cadets in a year shall be in accordance with the approved quota in the PNP budget under the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

List of Cadet Candidates

The CAC shall evaluate the results of the second phase in the selection process and recommends the list of cadet candidates for the approval of the Director, and subsequent appointment as cadets.

Cadet Candidates who are in the Government Service

Cadet Candidates who are in the Government Service prior to appointment as cadets shall file resignation letter from previous employment.

Engagement to Serve

Newly appointed cadets of the Academy shall sign the “Engagement to Serve” using the prescribed form.

Oath of Service

Each cadet shall subscribe and swear an Oath of Service on the day of admission as Cadet using the prescribed form.

Appointment of Cadets

Pursuant to Rule 3 of the IRR of RA 11279, cadets of the PNPA shall be appointed by the Chief, PNP, or upon his authority, by the PNPA Director, and who shall hold the rank of Police Cadet, in temporary status, renewable every year until their graduation or separation from the academy for just cause in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.

Categories of Cadets

Cadets are categorized as: Fourth Class (1st year), Third Class (2nd year), Second Class (3rd year) and First Class (4th year).

Cadets’ Pay and Allowances

Cadets shall have pay, allowances, and other benefits at a rate that is more than the salary of a Police Executive Master Sergeant but less than the salary of Police Lieutenant which shall be sourced from the GAA for the year.

Cadet Uniforms

The standard uniforms of Cadets shall be prescribed by the Uniform and Standard Committee subject to the approval of the Director. The committee is chaired by the Chief of Staff; Chief, LMD as the Vice-Chairperson; and their members are the Senior Tactical Officer, the Supply Accountable Officer and the Logistics Officer, Tactics Group who shall also be the Secretary of the Committee.

Non-entitlement to Benefits

Turned-back or suspended Cadets shall not be entitled to training pay and allowances during the period of his/her temporary absence from the Cadetship Program.

Exit Clearance

Graduating Cadets, as well as turned-back, resigned and dismissed cadets, must accomplish exit clearance form for submission to the Chief, PMD.


The Tactics Group shall facilitate the Processing of resigning cadets within three (3) working days upon receipt of letter of resignation.  Resigning cadets shall:

  1. Submit a letter of resignation addressed to the Director, PNPA through the Commandant of Cadets;
  2. Undergo General Physical Examination conducted by the Academy Health Service, and counseling by the Guidance and Counseling Officer;
  3. Abide to the rules and regulations of the Academy until termination order is issued; and
  4. Termination Order once issued shall take effect immediately and shall be final and executory.

Resigned Cadet

Resigning cadets must accomplish a resignation form which shall be submitted to the Office of the Director, PNPA for approval. The approval of the Director of PNPA of the resignation of the cadet is considered final and executory. The said cadet is considered a resigned cadet and is barred for future readmission in the PNPA.

Examinations and Grading System

The provisions of the Academic Guide and Cadet Guide shall govern the examinations and grading system of the Academy.

Annual Merit Roll and Cadet Promotion to Higher Class

At the end of every semester, the Dean of Academics and Commandant of Cadets shall submit to the Office of the Registrar the academic and non-academic grades within fifteen (15) working days from the end of every Semester. The Office of the Registrar shall prepare the Annual Merit Roll based on the consolidated submitted grades composed of seventy percent (70%) academics and thirty (30%) non-academics. This shall be the basis for Cadet’s promotion from lower class to the higher class and selection of cadets for the Dean’s, Commandant’s, and Director’s Lists subject to other conditions as may be prescribed by the Academy.

Final Order of Merit for the Graduating Class

The Final Order of Merit shall be determined by the total ratings of academic subjects (70%) and non-academic subjects (30%) taken during the entire course, which shall serve as the Order of Merit of graduating cadets. Notwithstanding the Final Order of Merit, the recommendation to confer graduation shall take into consideration pending cases of cadets and other factors which would prevent the cadets to graduate the program.

Conferment of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS) Degree

The Chief, PNP shall have the authority to confer the degree to graduating Cadets who satisfactorily completed the course requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and to award diploma duly signed by the Director of PNPA and Chief, PNP. Serial number indicated in the Diploma shall be based on the alpha-listing of the graduating class.