Last Updated on 02 September 2013
Please ask yourself before rendering application form:

1. Is it your childhood dream? 
2. Does your character and discipline fit to the service? 
3. Are you physically fit for the training to endure very strenuous and rigid exercises?
4. Are you intellectually qualified for academic competence?
 5. Is your family supportive?
6. Can you sacrifice your teenage life, your love life and even your family ?
7. Do you have a long and wider extent of patience and humility?
8. Are you emotionally stable to accept extreme pressures, criticism, psy wars and bawl outs?
9. Can you bear to be away from your family for almost four years?
10. Do you have the strong conviction, advocacy and principles in life that benefit the interest of the many?

If all your answers are " YES" please apply ASAP!
Tactical Police EquipmentTactical Police Equipment