Last Updated on 08 April 2013

A. PASS OR FAILED system - the applicant will no longer proceed to the next or succeeding stations/medical screening if he/she already disqualified in the preceding stations. For instance, the applicant is already declared FAILED in the first station which is the Dental Examination, thus he/she will be advised to go home and claim his/her submitted document to the PNPA Registrar.The PASS OR FAILED remark shall reflect on his/her processing form.

B. Undergo/Comply with all the medical screening - all applicants will undergo all the medical examinations and further wait for final results and deliberation; however, those who have ECG remarks, heart ailments and other serious health problems will no longer be allowed to undergo the physical fitness test and final interviiew and also considered FAILED or DISQUALIFIED to join cadestship training program.

Note: It is not an assurance that the applicants are already made it in the FINAL SLOT (PNPA CLASS 2017) although he/she has finished or undergone all the medical screenings, the Physical Fitness test and Final interview. They must wait for the official announcement of the Final List of PNPA Class 2017 at and a txt /sms message from PNPA.

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