very cadet undergoes the preparatory education and training to meet the challenges of public safety services. For four years, cadets reside in the same barracks, eat the same food, wear the same uniform, and pass through the same courses of the cadetship program.

To hone their knowledge, skills and attitudes toward competence and professionalism as future public safety officers, cadets are required to undare required to undergo the following programs:

  • Cadet Attachment Program (CAP)
  • Special Action Force Operation Orientation Course (SAFOOC)
  • Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp
  • Air to Ground Operations Support (AGOS)
  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Preparedness & Management
  • Basic Rescue Training
  • Close Quarter Battle Training
  • Art of Negotiation
  • Scuba Diving
AM 0500H Reveille
  0600H Breakfast
  0700H Barracks Inspection
  0730-1130H Classroom Instruction
  1200H Lunch
PM 1330-1530H Classroom Instruction
  1530-1700H Sports Activities
  1800H Supper
  1930-2130H Study Period
  2130-2200H Tatoo
  2200H TAPS
SATURDAY 0800H Barracks Inspection
  0900H Ranks Inspection
  1000H Parade & Review
SUNDAY 0800H Religious Services
  1500H Exhibition (Silent/Slow Drill)


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