While undergoing the 4-year cadetship program, cadets receive monthly pay and allowances to meet education and training requirements such as uniforms, subsistence, books, school equipment and supplies, toiletries, laundry, haircut, etc.

PNPA cadets are recipient of full college scholarship from the government. Upon admission, they are entitled training pay and allowances:

Upon completion of the course, graduates:

The PNPA Cadetship Program is a government Scholarship Program. Admitted Cadets must complete the Cadetship Program and serve the government either in the PNP, BFP or BJMP services for the prescribed period (two years of service for every year of scholarship).

Admitted cadets shall pay back the expenses incurred for his/her scholarship should he/she fail to complete the Cadetship Program. Graduates shall reimburse the government the expenses incurred during their Cadetship Program if they fail to complete the required years of service.

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