Reception Rites

A time-honored tradition for welcoming the chosen few who heeded the call. It is an initiation of the ultimate kind, an ordeal that put into severe test the ambitious' worth and determination. Needless to say, it is a foretaste of the regimental life that lies ahead.


Incorporation Rites

After the 45-day orientation into the cadetship training termed as “breaking period,” the rites formally incorporates the new cadets into the activities of the Cadet Corps. The new cadets will now live with their upperclassmen as brothers and sisters in their respective assigned companies.


Recognition Rites

That simple yet long awaited, hard-earned and earnestly yearned handshake. To a mammal dwelling in the dim world of plebehood, no experience is far more excellent and glorious than that of clasping with the hands of the immaculate. Recognition is a status. It signifies refinement.



There is no greater victory than to achieve the heights of the Graduation Day. Marking the end of trials and the renaissance of a new life outside the Academy walls… a real image of grandeur realizing cadet's ideals and standing as a role model that sets him apart from the rest, he, being born for greater things honed by honor, discipline and excellence.


Summer Camp

Summer in the Academy is full of tiring but fulfilling activities to equip cadets with different skills necessary in the work of a public safety officer. It is also a time to test the courage, will and determination of incoming cadets through the reception rites and other similar rigid activities intended for them within the 45-day breaking period.
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