Academics Building

The surging battle in every cadet's life is greatly administered in this adamant building. From the first hour in the morning to the deary moment in the afternoon, cadets have gruelled to the inescapable rigors of academics. It is an edifice that gratifies than the right knowledge and proper stand on cetain outlooks that asscociated to their carrers. Academic Building which houses the classrooms, PCAI Hall, Speech Laboratory and Academic Affairs Office.

Administrator Building (Aguinaldo's Hall)

As it stands through the years, the administration building remains a shelter blessed and strengthened by our almighty God to uphold our mission and vision of the Philippoine National Police Academy. It serves as the powerhouse of the academy where the plans and programs of cadetship are designed. It houses the highest ranking official in the academy.


There is no place like home. Cadets consider their barracks as their second home. They live as one family even though they come from different places and having divergent cltures. Cadets are living in one roof to develop the spirit of camaraderies and harmony.

The underclassmen are responsible for the cleanliness and ordiliness of the of the entire barracks. They make sure that it is speak and span and everything is alright. The female cadets have their own respective barracks for each battalion.


Visibly the chapel is the house of worship for the Roman Catholic Cadets, with Sr. Sto Nino as the patron saint. In the place cadets cistorical could find peace of mind.

The Leadership building is also an ambiance for character development and spiritual enrichment. It is situated at the vantage point overlooking the horse shoe drive and the historical kalasag hill. Other religious denominations also have their own places of worship which would make them comforatble where they could solemnly worship and exercises their faith. The Academy recognizes the exercises of the religious freedom, which binds every cadet committed to the oath as humble public servants.

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